Upcoming Speaking Event

I will be speaking at the upcoming University of Dayton School of Engineering Career Day.  This event is open to high school students, parents, guidance counselors, and teachers that are interested in learning more about engineering disciplines and the University of Dayton School of Engineering.  After presentations by engineers in each of the major engineering fields, students are treated to lunch and tours of the schools engineering labs (which have just been recently updated, so I’m excited to go back and see them).

I’m honored to be asked back as a speaker at this event (I’ve spoken at this event several times in the past) and look forward to sharing my experiences as a computer engineer.  Hopefully I’ll be able to generate some interest in the exciting opportunities that are available in our field!

For more info on the event, check out the info page here.  Unfortunately registration is full, but you can add your name to a wait list if you are interested in attending.

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