Blog 2.0: New Engine, New Template, New Posts

I have made a significant number of changes to this blog over the last month or so.  Here are the details… ###New Blog Engine - WordPress I made the switch to WordPress.  My blog was originally hosted with Blogger, but in the beginning of February, I received an email from Google stating that only 0.5% of the active blogs published using Blogger were using the FTP publishing option and they are no longer going to support this feature.  I really liked the FTP publishing option that was available to Blogger users because it allowed me to host my blog “inside” a typical ASP.NET site, complete with jQuery and even Silverlight and/or Flash content.  Unfortunately, this publishing option is no longer supported after March 26th, so WordPress is my new home. ###New Blog Template – Extremely Simple I also decided to switch up the blog template during the transition from Blogger to WordPress.  The original blog template was pretty simple and this one is even simpler.  This blog is about the content and not the theme, so keeping the theme simple is important to me. ###New Posts – Coming Soon Finally, new posts are on their way.  I have about 3 new posts in progress now, mostly technical focused posts as of right now, with the exception of one post on developer soft skills.  Look for these coming soon.